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Bridges are a vital link in global transportation systems. Expectations are that technology and methods applied today are investments that will provide longer term infrastructure benefits.

BridgeLife 2011 Presentations

A. Woo - JCCBI Infrastructure Inspection Program
C. Dewar - Guardian Bridge Epoxy Fiberglass Composite Bridges
D. Anderson - Seattle's Long Term Monitoring Program
C. Witt - Weightman Bridge
G. Latour - V-ROD FRP Composite Reinforcement in Bridge Structures
I. McPherson - History of Painting South Channell Bridge
S. Kanji - Quesnell Bridge
T. Lee - Deck Repair Pilot Project
W. Kenedi - Inspection and Monitoring Leading to Standards
D. Whitmore - Corrosion Protection Systems
J. Francis - SIGNAL SHM
P. Vanderzee - The Case for Using Structural Monitoring Technologies
R. Eden - Monitoring New Construction with New Technology
R. Frenette - Risk Management for Specific Infrastructure
R. Vincent - Orthotropic Deck

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