An exterior insulation finish system, or EIFS, is a collection of custom panels fitted to the outside of a home. The thin panels are made from polystyrene, layered with other materials and then finished with a synthetic substance meant to look like stucco. They are attached with fasteners or adhesives to the house. Installing an EIFS or Stucco Toronto has several benefits.

Improve Energy Efficiency
One of the main benefits is that an EIFS will improve the energy efficiency of any home. The layered barrier and external finish work together to stop hot and cold air from getting into the house. The panels can block some of the energy from the sun so that it is not transferred inside through the walls. Similarly, the extra layer of protection outside the house will keep more hot and cool air inside so that heating and cooling systems become more efficient. The result can be lower electricity or fuel bills during every season. The house will also feel more comfortable on a daily basis.

Many Design Options
The polystyrene that is used to create the EIFS panels is actually very versatile especially when installed by skilled professionals. An EIFS offers unlimited design options. Each of the panels can be cut and shaped into any form necessary. They can be used to match curved corners, archways or columns. They can be mounted to create a false facade that adds to the character of the building. The finish can be colored or worked in different ways so that it takes on a unique stucco-like or other type of appearance.

Keep More Space Inside and Outside
Although EIFS is a layered system, it actually takes up very little space. The panels are generally very thin. They can be mounted outside of a home without taking up much space. This is very different from some other insulation techniques that would require a much larger area. The result is that the energy efficiency and look of the home can be improved without increasing the footprint of the house. This means that there will be maximum space inside and outside even with the new panels installed.

Protect Against Moisture and Water Damage
A final benefit is that installing an EIFS can protect the structure of the home against moisture and water damage. The panels can be specially treated to be waterproof or water resistant. They can also be installed in a way so that there is a moisture barrier or other space behind the panels to prevent water from pooling inside the walls. This can protect the home from moisture for a very long time.   
Professional Plumbing Services
Everyone needs to contact a professional plumbing service occasionally to have kitchen or bathroom fixtures repaired. A plumber understands how to diagnose problems concerning leaking water heaters, overflowing toilets and clogged sinks. Plumbers work in a variety of locations, including residential environments such as apartments or homes. Alternatively, commercial establishments such as hotels, stores and restaurants may hire a Oakville plumber more often due to the increased use of fixtures. While the drains inside and outside a building are frequently ignored, the devices provide a vital function. 
Emergency Service Calls
There are usually signs indicating that the drains in a building need a repair or cleaning before the device begins to overflow. However, many property owners neglect to seek assistance until a disaster occurs with raw sewage flooding a room. A backed up drain is an emergency service call that plumbers will answer round-the-clock to ensure customers do not incur additional damage in a building. When drains overflow, a plumber often needs to use a sump pump or extraction machine to remove moisture from the flooded area to repair the plumbing problem. 

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Water conservation can save a home a substantial amount of money, but it can also help to preserve it for the next generation. Earth is comprised mostly of water, but most of that water is seawater. It’s costly to distill seawater. Ground water is the best source of potable water; however, it takes a lot of time for it to permeate through the layers of rock to thoroughly be cleaned. As the population increases, less and less water is available. It is necessary that people conserve water so that it is not frivolously wasted. 

Ten-minute showers can reduce a significant amount of water. A 30-minute shower can use as much as 264 liters of water. A ten-minute shower can save as much as 230 liters of water. For extreme water conservation, fill up a bucket to use for washing. Take out a cup of water at a time to pour over the body. While the Western world doesn’t follow this method for bathing much, the rest of the world does. 

When doing laundry or the dishes, do full loads of each to conserve water. Washer machines can be adjusted so that they use less water; however, even when this method of water conservation is chosen, washer machines still use too much. A front load washer machine uses a substantially lesser amount of water than a top load washer machine. Dishwashers also use a lot of water. If they must be used, it’s best to fully load a dishwasher so that less loads are needed to clean all of the dishes. For extreme water conservation, hand wash clothes and dishes. Allow clothes to air dry and save electricity of gas too. 
Smart irrigation systems help to save water in the yard. Some irrigation systems have sensors that actively read the weather. Smart irrigation systems can be programmed so that when it rains, the system will shut off and may stay off for up to 48 hours to allow the ground to be watered naturally by rain. For extreme water conservation, opt for plants that do not require much watering, such as succulents. 

There are ways to use less water, and water conservation is not hard to do if you have a right plumbing installation from It requires aforethought and persistence. Think about the ways water is used in the home and consider whether there is a way to use less. Set out to use less water each day. Eventually, it adds up.
Most homeowners call a plumber in Pickering when the toilet backs up or the kitchen drain is clogged. Though essential for these emergencies, these skilled craftsmen can also handle a wide range of jobs around your home. Ask for experienced professionals at

Common emergencies
The two biggest reasons people call a plumber is because the bathroom is flooded from a backed up toilet or tub, or the kitchen sink is clogged. With his training and specialized tools, a plumber can take care of these emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Though it is tempting to try to do the work yourself, many homeowners have discovered that an emergency call to the plumber, as expensive as it can be, is actually the most cost-effective way of dealing with the problem.

Trying to unclog a drain yourself means trips to the home improvement center and investing in do-it-yourself cures. Then you need to spend the time and energy to figure out how to use the new-fangled drain snakes and plungers. 

If you need to take apart the drain and pipes below the sink, the mess can be considerable. You will need to factor in the time it takes to clean up the mess when you are through. 

Sadly, many do-it-yourselfers have discovered that they pay twice for trying to save money. The first time there is the money spent on tools and parts, plus adding in what their own time is worth. And second, they pay a plumber to fix their fix. You can’t live without working toilets, tubs and sinks in a busy home.

Repairs, replacement and installation
Your local plumber in Pickering has years of training, followed by an apprenticeship and experience on the job. He has a range of skills useful around the home. He can:

• clean drains and sewers 
• check water lines
• install outdoor spigots and valves
• put in pool and hot tub heaters
• check water pressure and fix problems
• install backflow devices
• redo old pipes that are rusting
• install pumps and other fittings
• put in sinks and appliances
• install garbage disposals
• clean dishwasher drain lines
• work on refrigerator water lines
• install on-demand hot water systems
• install water filtration and purification systems

He is the go-to person when you have a hot water heater problem. Whether it is gas, electric, tankless or hybrid, your local plumber can install, repair or maintain the system you have in your home.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or add an extra bathroom, you can save money by calling in a plumber to help with plans. The sooner he gets involved, the more efficient the remodel will go. This can save you significantly on remodeling costs.

He can help you plan where to put new appliances, sinks, tubs and toilets to make the best use of your existing pipe system. In addition, he can get in the crawl space and under the house to make a detailed diagram of where the pipes are actually located. This is invaluable for you, the architect and the contractor.
Vinyl siding is a highly popular material for exteriors of both residential and commercial properties. It is highly durable, and it holds up well to the elements with minimal maintenance and repair requirements. In addition, it is also known for being energy efficient and stylish. As a professional contractor, you may be looking for the best resource to use for the purchase of replacement vinyl siding Toronto for your work projects. When you are searching for a new vinyl siding manufacturer to work with for all of your upcoming installation projects, consider these points. 

Durability and Warranty Periods
Many consumers who make the decision to install replacement vinyl siding on their property do so because of the perceived value in the material. There are different types of vinyl siding available, and these can vary considerably in terms of durability and quality. In addition, the warranty provided by different manufacturers may also vary. You may have a better overall experience serving your clients as well as more satisfied customers when you select the siding that offers true value. While you may want to offer customers an affordable solution, value does not always mean finding the cheapest brand available. Instead, you should choose a material that provides your customers the opportunity to enjoy the maximum benefits.

A Great Selection of Styles and Colors 
Some types of vinyl siding are meant to be painted, but many are designed so that painting is not required. Instead, consumers can select from a wide range of colors and styles so that they can have the end result that they desire for their home's exterior. When you provide your customers with access to only a few styles and colors of replacement vinyl siding to choose from, you run the risk of not satisfying their needs. They may decide to work with a different vinyl siding installation contractor that provides the style and color they are most interested in. Be sure to select a siding supplier that offers a great range of choices.

As a professional, you understand how important it is for you to meet the needs of your customers. While your ability to provide quality installation and friendly service are important, your ability to complete projects with superior vinyl siding and to offer a great selection of materials is also vital. As you shop for a new provider of vinyl siding to rely on regularly, keep each of these points in mind.


Bridges are a vital link in global transportation systems. Expectations are that technology and methods applied today are investments that will provide longer term infrastructure benefits.

BridgeLife 2011 Presentations

    A. Woo - JCCBI Infrastructure Inspection Program
    C. Dewar - Guardian Bridge Epoxy Fiberglass Composite Bridges
    D. Anderson - Seattle's Long Term Monitoring Program
    C. Witt - Weightman Bridge
    G. Latour - V-ROD FRP Composite Reinforcement in Bridge Structures
    I. McPherson - History of Painting South Channell Bridge
    S. Kanji - Quesnell Bridge
    T. Lee - Deck Repair Pilot Project
    W. Kenedi - Inspection and Monitoring Leading to Standards
    D. Whitmore - Corrosion Protection Systems
    J. Francis - SIGNAL SHM
    P. Vanderzee - The Case for Using Structural Monitoring Technologies
    R. Eden - Monitoring New Construction with New Technology
    R. Frenette - Risk Management for Specific Infrastructure
    R. Vincent - Orthotropic Deck

Workshops appear on both residential and commercial properties. They can be used commercially to create products or to fabricate parts. They can also be a dedicated space outside a home for pursing a hobby like woodworking. Steel buildings are a good choice for both residential and commercial workshops. Steel workshop buildings have several advantages over conventional structures.

Steel Workshops Can Fit Anywhere

A problem with building a workshop from wood or concrete is that a large amount of space is needed for the foundation and for construction. This is not a problem with steel workshops. The steel building can be erected in nearly any location where the ground is flat. They are available in a range of sizes from small buildings for a backyard to large buildings that can house industrial equipment. Steel buildings can also be erected fast from a kit so that the property is not littered with construction equipment and materials for months at a time.

Room for Large Equipment and Supplies

The reason most people need a dedicated workshop is because the space needs to hold large equipment and supplies. Traditional building materials have limits and tolerances when it comes to construction. These materials need to be supported by columns inside of the workshop. This limits the amount of space you have. Steel workshop buildings are completely open on the inside. This is true even of very large buildings. This lets you utilize the entire interior without worrying about columns and other support structures.

The Workshop Can Be Relocated

A unique feature of workshop steel buildings is that they can be relocated. The steel components can be detached from the ground and then lifted with a crane. The workshop could even be disassembled back into a portable kit. This is valuable for homeowners and business owners. Portability allows you to take the steel building with you if you buy a new home or change your business location.

Fewer Issues with Damage and Fire

Any number of hazards can regularly appear in a workshop from sparks to corrosive chemicals. These hazards could start a fire or damage conventional buildings. Fortunately, steel is resistant to many of the hazards found in workshops. Steel will not ignite from sparks, will not rust because of water and will not corrode when exposed to most common chemicals. This allows the steel workshop to last for a long time.

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