A Program of Value

. . . for local governments
Local governments have been gifted more bridges from senior levels of government in recent years than at any time in the past, without being given the time to plan or build up human and other resources for management of these assets. The BRIDGELIFE program is designed with local government owners in mind and specific program elements will assist local engineers and managers understand the tools available and best practices being used so they can manage their bridge assets toward achieving longer life.

. . . for Consulting Engineers
Consulting engineers are a valuable component of the owner’s team and share the objective of maximizing life and minimizing life cycle costs for bridges. The BRIDGELIFE program is designed with the owner’s consulting engineer in mind and specific  program elements will assist consulting engineers and managers understand the tools available and best practices being used by owners so they can align their practice with the owner’s objectives.

Bridges are a vital link in global transportation systems. Governments at all levels are investing in transportation infrastructure at unprecedented rates. The public is taking a far greater interest in infrastructure matters and demanding greater assurances of safety and security of the transportation system. Expectations are that technology and methods applied today are investments that, and new ways to apply tried and true methods are emerging daily.

Bridge  asset  and operators around the globe are adjusting to the new expectations for bridge safety and longevity while introducing the most modern  methods of management, an enormous challenge on a day to day basis. Today,  many  municipalities and private organizations also own bridges but do not have the support infrastructure that provinces and states do.

BridgeHistoricTour1The BRIDGELIFE™ program is based on the belief that the maximum useful life of  a  bridge  can  be achieved by understanding the life cycle of activity from  design to decommissioning, the tools that are available at each stage and how your peers deal with these issues.

This  conference  and  expo is intended to position bridge asset management professionals  and  those  responsible  for bridge operations with the most current  information  available  in  several key areas pertaining to bridge structures.   This    conference  is  designed  such  that  bridge  owners, operators,  maintenance  personnel, and their support team, can participate in  a  hands  on  exchange  to assist in achieving enhanced reliability and increased longevity in bridge assets worldwide.

BRIDGELIFE™  brings together leading bridge managers, government officials, bridge  condition  experts,  asset  management experts, technology experts, bridge  owners/  operators  and  vendors  from  around  the  world to bring practical information to delegates on best practices, tools and technology.


Will be focused on hands on presentations by those responsible for how to approach safety, security and longevity challenges.
Will allow delegates to connect with national and international solution providers who specialize in bridge safety and management.
Will be structured as a conference and expo environment that facilitates excellent networking opportunities between colleagues.